Water Features

Add water features to your home garden, patio or landscape to create intimate spaces or enhance an outdoor space.

water feature

Water features serve many purposes and can be designed and constructed to fit any space, budget or purpose.  If you are looking for a water feature that serves as a work of art, a place to raise fish, or simply a source for the sound of gently flowing water, we can help. A water feature adds an new element to your home and it will be enjoyed for many years to come. It is important that you take time to consider it’s purpose, operation and maintenance to ensure years of enjoyment.

Three key considerations as you consider the type of water feature best for you outdoor living space:

  1. LOCATION – when choosing a location for your water feature, consider it carefully as the feature will likely take some time and effort to install. For example, if you are considering a pond, it would be best to avoid placing it under trees where fall leaves could litter and clog the pond. Also, don’t try and squeeze too much into a small area and be sure to check for underground utility lines before digging.
  2.  SAFETY – if you have children or their are children in the neighborhood and you are considering a pond, be sure to consider its depth, how easy it is to access, proximity to a walking path and its visibility. Ideally you want it to visible and not easily accessible.
  3. MAINTENANCE – there are varying degrees of maintenance required for each water feature and it should be part of the decision making process. We can maintain your water feature or show you how to do it yourself.

A water feature can be a great feature to add to your outdoor living space. Check out our portfolio of water features we have completed in and around the State College area.