Hardscape Design


Looking for a hardscape design that won’t break the budget?

Coming up with a great hardscape design for your retaining walls, patios and sidewalks, water features, landscape lighting, fireplaces and other features does not need to cost you a fortune. At Eden Valley Landscaping, we take a practical approach to design that begins with meeting with you to understand your needs, your likes and dislikes.

We have done many projects and can tap into our experience to give you ideas to improve upon your own. For example, there may be an opportunity to define distinct zones or areas by using different patterns or different hardscape materials. We can help determine the best landscape lighting to accent the area, highlighting key features and bringing the design to life in the night.

Hardscape Design

image source: unilock.com/blog/how-to-create-a-landscape-drawing-in-3-steps/

One of the most important aspects of a great design is determining the size of your patio. Many homeowners will layout a patio that is either too small or too large. Creating a patio that is too small will end up feeling cramped once the furniture, planters and a grill are all included. Creating a patio that is too large loses its intimacy and social space that encourages conversation. It is critical to take time to figure out the right measurements for your patio so you end up with an outdoor living area that maximizes your outdoor space and enables you to enjoy it year round.

Once we have had an opportunity to brainstorm with you, we will create an initial sketch or two, with some variations to give you more ideas that we eventually create a design that you will be happy with for years to come. They key to creating a long-lasting hardscape design is generating multiple ideas, fitting the space with the right elements and understanding how the area will be used.