Landscape Planting

Equally important to finding the right plants is planting them properly, in the proper areas, with the proper sunlight, at the proper depth and in the proper soil.

We source a majority of our plants in central Pennsylvania, primarily from Martin’s Garden Center. We will not only select plants that will work for your area, but will take into account their growth so they still make sense when the plants mature.

Here are a few tips when it comes to landscape planting:

TIP #1: Choose plants that provide you with a low-maintenance landscape. You don’t want to curse your landscape every spring and fall because of the maintenance needs.

TIP #2: Pay attention to the USDA hardiness zone. For State College and surrounding towns, the zone varies from a 6a to 7b, so you need to choose carefully.

TIP #3: Give plants ample room based on how large they are expected to grow. You will want to plant based on the mature size of the plant and add a little room.

Here are some landscape planting tips from HGTV that may be helpful as you consider doing this task yourself: